Our Team

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Todd: An extremely caring person. He is the perfect person to make sure that when a tenant calls to request  service he is taken care of ASAP.  Our tenants love him and his 'make sure it gets done mentality".  He has carefully developed a team of vendors supporting our company that will make sure that there is nothing on a home that can't be cared for.  Todd is there perfect person to honestly say, "the buck stops here". 


Judi:  Her specialty is that she holds all of us accountable to do our jobs in a way that exceeds our client expectations.  She also handles all billing, much of our correspondence with clients and tenants, plus the preparation of homes before move in.  Your first interaction with Judi will help you understand why we have her on our team.  It’s simple, she loves  people and loves being helpful.  She is a follow through person who gets the job done and done correctly.


Jose:  "Send Jose"     That's what every tenant says when calling in for service on their rental homes. He is the best home repairman in the area and the most requested person on our team. So far he has never been unable to solve a proplem for any of our homes.  He is not only knowledgeable, but one of the kindest, most gentle, soft spoken persons you will ever meet.  There is nothing he can’t fix and he always, always, always, does it with a smile! 



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