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04 / 2015

It's been five years since we founded The Steward Group and we have learned a lot about how to care for rental homes, We specialized in the placement great long term satisfied happy tenants "making more money / profit" for the homeowner / investor..

Our clients make on average abut $350 - $400  more per month than if they were taking care of the property themselves. We do that by: 

* Our knowedge of the market and what rates our tenants will be willing to pay.

* By making our homes more desirable for move in and then by keeping them properly maintained

* By creating tenant loyalty. Our average stay is 3.5  years and that reduces cost in a big way.

* By finding ways to enhance the value and desireablity of the home through occassional upgrading.

* By partnering with the tenant through personal visits and adivce on how to care for the home they rent.

If you are not making the most on your investment, give us call today. We will show you our plan for success


03 / 2015

The definition of integrity is doing what is right all the time, even when no one is watching. At The Steward Group, there is no other greater goal. If you have integrity, the profits follow. If you have the integrity, word of mouth will get passed. If you have the integrity, the company will grow by exponential numbers.

Sure you need an ethic of hard work, caring for others and a head for sound business practices. But, integrity leads them all.  Whenever you are telling others about The Steward Group make sure the first words about us are here is a business group with integrity!   

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